Monday, October 15, 2012

We have arrived!

I joined Nicholas on his dispatch to Mexico City (DF) and after 20 hours of traveling yesterday, we made it! We are staying right next to Chapultepec Park, the largest urban park in Latin America! We will be here for 2 months and I will only be posting on my blog, as I want to remain under the radar with the company- so no FB postings.
Chapultepec Park
It has been almost exactly 10 years since I studied in beautiful Cuernavaca, Mexico. I look forward to making it to my old town to visit my housemom and actually speak to her in Spanish, since the first time I couldn't hold a conversation with her without looking up every other word in the dictionary she kept in her main room :)

So far, I have seen nothing but our hotel, however, we did order in some food late night and we were not disappointed! Nicholas graciously allowed me to have both peppers that accompanied our order and they were just as delicious and spicy as I remember. I feel at home!

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