Friday, October 5, 2012

Back to School!

I came across a very cool learning tool called I originally discovered it via Facebook and friends posting about a UPenn course offered on Health Care Policy and the Affordable Care Act. As I am interested in the topic and learning as much as I can, I quickly looked into the online offering. allows you to sign up for many classes offered from top universities throughout the world. Each class is free and all the classes and work is done online. I figured I had nothing to lose and signed up. I finished the course over a month ago and just received my certificate that I passed :) Phew!

When I first signed up there were only a handful of classes and universities involved, now there are close to 200 classes with over 33 top schools participating. This is incredible. It is allowing anyone with an internet connection to take courses with some of the best professors in the world and the top universities. The next classes I will be taking are more business focused, as well as a couple still in the health field. It is a great way for me to continue learning and dip my toes in different areas to see if they are places I might want to put more of my attention down the road.

If you are up for continual learning and have a little time and a lot of curiosity, this may be perfect for you!

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