Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Underwater Pedi

Seriously, what were we thinking?!

So, one rainy day last week, Laura and I decided to try out an "underwater pedicure." I had my reservations, but she seemed pretty set on it, so we headed to the tree rest cafe to see what was in store.
It was a typical Korean cafe. Large, lots of tables and chairs, a "buffet" of coffee, tea and snacks, as well as a large menu of items to purchase. It is mandatory to purchase something from the main menu, then you can help yourself to anything in the cafe for free. This particular cafe also has a huge selection of reading material- books, magazines, etc- and the main attraction, at least for us: Dr. Fish.

After we settled in, downed our first caffeinated beverage and warmed up from the frigid rain, we decided to head to Dr. Fish. One of the staff helped us get our feet washed before we were to put them in a trough filled with fish that eat the dead skin off of your feet... UGH!! Talk about a mini-nightmare...

I imagined the fish would be tiny, but these guys were a good 6 inches with big mouths... all hungry for our calloused feet... We were told we had 15 minutes and the sweet girl left us. Terrified.
After about 20 minutes of giggling and squealing and genuinely freaking out, we still had yet to put our feet in the water. By the time the girl came back, she looked like she had never seen anyone react this way. She stuck her finger in the water to show us how it is done and that the fish would not harm us. We each then stuck a finger in and decided it was now or never.  It would be a shame to walk away without the experience.

We did eventually get both our feet in amidst giggles and squeals and after about 20 minutes, our feet were baby soft :) (video to come)

Not sure I would recommend this activity, but I feel like my fear factor bucket list is slowly getting crossed off!

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