Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spicy Saturday Brunch

Saturday, I met up with a couple of friends for what was promised to be a spicy brunch. We met in my favorite area of town, Garosu-gil (which means "tree-lined street") and ate at a spicy chicken restaurant. This is one of my favorite Korean meals, so I was definitely looking forward to it! Sojean, the local, introduced me to this really yummy rice ball side dish. It is rice with fish eggs and then rolled in shredded seaweed. Typing that out, I realize it might not sound appealing, but it was addicting! YUM. (pictured on the right side of the table)
Afterwards, we went to a funky cafe to have some Korean 빙수 (patbingsoo), or shaved ice topped with sweetened beans, rice cakes and milk. It sounds so strange, but it is beautiful and delicious! They make other varieties now, with strawberries or green tea and even add a scoop of ice cream on it! We had the traditional one and I can guarantee I will get my fill this summer :) We also tried a couple of their smoothies that had interesting combinations, menu below. We got the lemon, radish, persimmon and the banana, radish, peanut. Surprisingly, they were delicious as well. Have I mentioned that Koreans know how to eat?!

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