Thursday, May 31, 2012

Turkish Delights

When Nicholas got back from his business trip, he unloaded his goodies that he brought back! It reminded me of when my dad would come home from business trips and often bring something home for us :)

This time, Nicholas brought back the items requested: spices from Turkey and wine from Germany :) He also brought back a delicious assortment of Turkish sweets, teas and a pepper grinder!! 

We have been looking all over Seoul for a grinder and the only ones we could find were at the expensive department stores, selling for close to, or over, $100. Now, we have a gorgeous copper one from Turkey that Nicholas received as a gift from the spice shopkeeper after he bought his spices. No more putting my peppercorn into plastic baggies and pounding them with a heavy object to get my fresh ground spice :) So, of course, I loved the gifted pepper grinder more than anything else that Nicholas brought back!

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