Monday, May 7, 2012

Culture Class

Mondays we have the day off from the 8am Korean class and in its place they have started a culture class. The first class in the series was today and was on, what else, but the drinking culture here. I was looking forward to understanding how it started and why drinking and getting drunk is so popular and accepted in Korea.

When we signed in for the class, we were given a bottle of juice, a shot glass and some cookies. Hilarious!

However, instead of learning those things, we watched the beginning of a famous Korean film about a really drunk girl and then learned different expressions and phrases for when we are out drinking that we practiced by filling our shot glasses with juice and taking shots at 8am. There was even a small quiz with prizes and I am the proud wife of one of the winners :) Obviously the prize was soju.
Did I mention this class was at the office? Talk about a culture clash, I mean class ;)

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  1. This is HYSTERICAL!!! Love love love keeping up with your blog :) MISS YOU!! xoxox