Friday, September 16, 2011


This week Nicholas and I have been busier than usual. Spending a few nights during the week in Geneva after work to see friends, celebrate birthdays and take care of some things. We still have been getting up at 6:30am, or as I like to refer to it as, "NO it's TOO EARLY!!"

We have been so tired all week. Every morning we get up and have a cup of coffee and cereal before we head to the train for the 1.5 hr commute to our respective offices... Normally that coffee kickstarts my day and I never look back. This week, I have had to drag myself to the train station, then to my office and half-way through the morning I have to get a coffee from the cafe. In the normal world, two cups of coffee makes me super jittery, so I was shocked when I had no adverse side-effects from my second cup.

Very obviously decaf

That was until I looked closely at the new bag of coffee I bought last weekend. I thought I would mix it up and try a different selection to make a comparison... Turns out, reading labels closely is really important and something I should have learned by now :) Yep, yep. It seems that I bought decaf!  I mean, please look at the photo. It is not like I can even blame this on language... this is just a clear disdain for details. When Nicholas got home last night and I told him, he started laughing and told me, that he too has been having a second cup as soon as he got to work and telling himself that he really needs to cut back on his coffee consumption. Just another day in the life... :)

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