Friday, September 16, 2011

The Walk Home

almost half-way up

Every night when we arrive from Geneva we tackle this enormous hill. We could take the metro but in reality it doesn't save anytime and it is hard to justify the laziness when I haven't been getting many runs in.

So we hike up the hill to the apartment.

Some days, you see bike-couriers pushing large metal carts on the front of their bikes flying up the hill as if it were the reverse. Other times, you see women in very high heels or runners progressing impressively up. The pace is always admirable.

There have been days when I have been the woman in heels. Others where I am the runner. Even once, on a bike... (never again!)

Yesterday, I noticed a man walking at a good pace right in front of me. Immediately I became annoyed. I couldn't believe I was choking on his cigarette smoke. Ugh! I hate smoke... Then I thought about it. This man was walking up one of the steepest hills in our town, at a great pace, while smoking. How his lung capacity was able to handle the hill, pace and cigarette at once I have no idea. I struggle daily to get up that hill and then... there are others :)

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