Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday Voyage

Sunday, we went off to Nyon and then Yvoire, France. Nicholas and I have been wanting to check out Nyon as a potential place to move in the fall, so took advantage of the trip to do just that!
Roman Columns in Nyon
Gorgeous promenade above lake
Nicholas y Tia

The city is really beautiful, although if asked to identify an unattractive city in this gorgeous land, I would fail. We both really liked it and it is Lala approved.
We have  a fan! 
Then we took a boat over to Yvoire, France to check out the medieval city. Nicholas has a colleague who lives there and was invited for a working dinner the other week. Ever since he went, I wanted to go! It was a good opportunity to show Tia and Lala and also give them a chance to get on the water! 
very windy boat!
Castle of Yvoire

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