Monday, July 25, 2011

Fortresses, Grottes and Dams, Oh My!

Yesterday, we took a trip with friends to see the Fortress Saint-Maurice, the Grottes aux Fees, and then the Grande Dixence Dam. It was a really long day, but very interesting, to say the least. The majority of the time was spent underground in very cold temperatures. I brought my hat and gloves and two light jackets and they were all used. Yikes, nothing like feeling like Christmas in July! Where is the eggnog?

Nicholas was chosen as the volunteer to help get the cannon in the right position.
view from inside fortress
This seemed important- maps, and such. 

Off to the Grottes!
There was a waterfall at the end! It was gorgeous! 
Then, when we got outside and over to the Dam, there was snow!! 
Hey America, can you spread the summer love this way, please

The boys in front of dam

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