Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some days

Are good. Others bad. Some you take constant hits or rejections. You can't do anything right. Then on some rare, special days, the light just shines and shines on you.

Today was one of those days. Nothing earth-shattering, explosive or exceptional. Just those little things that make you smile from the inside.

**An uplifting email from one of my best friends.**

**A message on one of my posts.** 

**A lengthy "how-to" guide on a new industry from someone who went above and beyond.** 

**An email from my older brother entitled:
 "The Best Sister in the World." (whaa...? who? me! :) )**

The domino effect of it all. I put a couple notes on FB thanking people and then I got another email from one of my besties- sending a love bomb email.

Then another, and another.

Not sure what I did to make the world smile on me today, but World, thank you. It sure feels good!

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