Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Visitors!

Last week, my Little and her boyfriend were traveling through Switzerland and made a stop in Lausanne! When she originally told me about her planned trip, I think I was in Cleveland with my family and I had no idea where we would end up, but certainly did not expect to be in Switzerland for her visit! I feel so lucky that I was here and that she was our first official visitor :)

We had a great day. Once they finally found our very well hidden apartment, we took a walk to the Palais Justice for a great view of the lake and mountains. Afterwards, we stopped in a cool space in the Center for a drink. After, we headed to Vinorama to do some wine tasting and learn about the Swiss winemakers. Finally, with local wines purchased, they came over for a home-cooked meal in our new place.

It was a fantastic evening and it is so great to spend time with someone that you haven't seen in years and for things to feel exactly how they were. Like not one day has passed. Thanks for visiting Cheryl!

(pics to follow)

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