Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gratitude List

I watched this video a while back and it made me think of what I am grateful for. I used to say a few things that I was grateful for before I went to bed, even when I had had a horrible day. I realized it has been  a long time since I have done that and figured why not give it a whirl and write up a little list.

MY GRATITUDE LIST in no particular order
1. Sometimes when I am in the midst of a training for a competition or even in a competition I think to myself, I don't know if I want to keep going. I am tired, I am not on my game today, I want to give up and go lay down. Then, I think about how lucky I am that I have my health and that I am capable of running or biking or swimming and that some people would give anything to have this chance. I am grateful for my health.

2. I am grateful for having my best friend and partner in life by my side every single day. Nicholas challenges me and cherishes me, as I do him. I am so grateful for my husband.

3. Because most people will never get to have a year off in a foreign country to explore and discover themselves, no matter how difficult and lonely it can be at times, I am exceedingly grateful to have a year of reflection and growth in our new home.

4. Most* of my closest friends and family live thousands of miles away, I am grateful for how connected the world is now so I can still speak with my parents and brother when I want and also for the many new friends and family I have made here. Without whom I would be lost. (4.5* Ashley being here.)

5. I am grateful for the generosity and support of others. I would not have completed a triathlon this year if it weren't for the generosity of a friend who lent me her bike. I would not be as far along in my French if it weren't for the generosity of my neighbor.

6. The LAKE and the mountains, and the Swiss countryside

7. Chocolate

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