Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Being away from home*

Makes you realize how much you miss strange and obvious things.

Strange things being things you didn't realize you liked, not things that are bizarre. For instance, to-go coffee or tea is a strange thing that I miss. I love getting a large tea or coffee in the cooler months and carrying it while walking to and from destinations in the chilly weather to keep my hands warm. Yes, I wear gloves, but there is something so nice about a hot tea to sip on slowly while walking to a meeting.

Obvious things being things you knew you would miss and then remind yourself, duh, of course you would miss this/that. For instance, my friends :) Just thinking of them back home* makes me smile and ache for them at the same time. Two of them in particular make me smache all the time Jen and Meg.
See you girls in December!! xo

*home = Some days its Cleveland or C-bus, others it is DC or NY. It is places I have never lived but love, like Paris. And, believe it or not, it is even Switzerland at times :) 

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