Thursday, October 21, 2010

Girls Week 2010 Switzerland and Paris

Just as soon as they arrived, they are off again! The week of family and fun is now a great memory.

The week started early Sunday morning at the airport where we picked up Mom and Aunt Laura and forced them to stay awake with a tour of Geneva, a late lunch and a visit to the Hindens before heading back to Lausanne. There were a few moments of poking Laura to make sure she didn't knock off during the car ride back home. But who can blame her? The first day is always torture.

Monday was a lot of fun with a trip to Sion to see the mountains and to have a picnic lunch amongst the city's two castles.

Despite the luck, or lack thereof, of buying train tickets to Paris on the first day of the national strike, we still managed to get into the city! We explored all things Parisian- Notre Dame, the Louvre, Champagne at the Eiffel Tower, shopping on the Champs Elysee, Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, the many many gardens and squares. We ate quiches, croissants, pan au chocolates, pastries, and crepes. Even though the strike did put a hamper on our last day, as we had to take a much earlier train back, we made the most out of our excursion to the City of Lights!
On the Seine boat tour 

Finally back to Switzerland Thursday afternoon, we planned the last couple of days in my very clean (see trip to Paris above) and organized country.
In Ouchy

Friday, we made the trip to the region of Gruyere. A trip to the cheese factory was a must, followed by a tour of the chocolate factory and the castle. We ended the evening with a yummy fondue dinner with Kirsch and wine followed by the very Swiss meringue and double cream dessert. Our bellies thanked us :)
Gruyere cows are happy cows :) 
Finally, Saturday, we made it to the neighboring wine region to taste some local Swiss wine.

All in all, we made the most out of a week vacation. I am so blessed to have had my mom and godmother make the trip to see me and extend our annual girls weekend to a girls week! Can't wait to see what next year has in store for us :)

The video doesn't come close to doing the week justice, but enjoy Mr. Armstrong and his rendition of La Vie en Rose (our soundtrack for the week)!


  1. Hoooray!! LOVE this video :)
    Was so fun to see all the pix (but I know, they never do the real-deal any justice)
    So glad you all had such a nice time.
    Can't WAIT to seeee you in December!!

  2. thx stace- so glad u showed me how to do so many things with my photos when u were here.
    i want updates on you, missy!!