Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two New Half-Marathon Finishers!

The race today was incredible. A bit too hot at the start, but cooled down a bit to make a more pleasant run. I had to stay positive throughout the race, since this was C&C's first time ever doing a race. There was a lot of loud cheering going on from me to them. (Megan, can you imagine what that is like? ;) Our most revered cheer during our training runs and today was one that I twisted from the original of: "somos las mejores!" "we are the best!" --  to "somos las mujeres!" "we are women!" This was our battle cry all day long. 

At the start line
We had an incredible, and incredibly hilly, tour of Lausanne. So many places I have never seen before and I really enjoyed it. It was definitely a bit different to do a race coaching others and not worrying about any of my needs, but making sure the two of them completed the race. I had no doubts about myself, I only wished a couple of times to run ahead when a beautiful downhill would open up and my legs would start going double speed. But mostly, I wanted to run together with the women I have spent 4 out of 7 of my mornings every week with and share with them this moment.

Somewhere between 5 and 10kms

I have to say, Caro and Camila did an incredible job. Their faces showed some signs of fatigue and frustration at all the hills, but we did our best to try and keep things positive. Even I was shocked at how many hills there were. Over 7 kms of the race was uphill. That is close to HALF.


When we all finished, together, there was celebrating, hugs, shouts, laughing. When we finally left the course and started towards home, I let them know that this course was the hardest course I have ever done. Never have I run a course with so many hills at such steep climbs. They couldn't believe it, they thought I was saying it to make them feel better. It could not be more true. What a tough course.

course elevation. yowsers. 
The whole time I was thinking, hmmm... will they notice this is another uphill? Will they realize that we haven't plateaued in a long time? Will they give up? What would I have done if this was my first race and I was faced with hill after steep hill?

Finish line hug. Amazing :) 


They did not give up. They did such an impressive run that I choked back a couple of tears at the finish line when the two of them hugged. What a great moment to watch them get their first "finisher" medals today. :) I am so proud. Wow.

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