Saturday, April 17, 2010

Great, Goofy Parents

Today, after a stressful morning and then a bit of a blue-afternoon, I got to catch up with my parents:) Sure, it was really nice to talk and get everything that was on my mind out to them and, of course, hear what is going on in there lives. But it is also just fun to see them be goofy. Dad, this time I am talking about you. Last time, it was Mom.

I wish I had thought of doing a screen grab during the call to capture the many different characters my dad took on with his new video camera. It was a great rotation of a football player, a viking, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, a baby, a wizard and a race car driver. I am sure you may have seen those cameras out there that allow you to place your head in the right place and you get fitted with a football helmet or a crazy hair style and polyester suit or race car.

"No, you can take me seriously.. "

Laughing while my serious father talked to me about finances dressed as Elvis definitely made me forget about lots of things that were bogging me down earlier. The best part was hearing my mom giggle in the background. 

Thanks you two for being so much fun. Cannot wait to have you here in our new home! 831

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