Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alice au Pays des Merveilles

Alice in Wonderland. In 3D. In French.

I always have a bit of trouble with 3D. In fact, I hate it. I always feel like I am straining my eyes and that half the time the technology doesn't even work. The first few minutes I always feel a bit queasy, trying to get a hold of all the different motions and also from taking the 3D glasses on and off to see what the movie looks like without and if I really need to wear them. No matter how awful I think the 3D looks with the shades, without them it is unbearable. At this point, I am always kicking myself for paying twice as much to see a film in a version that I hate.

Onto the French part. Good. Always good for me to practice, even when half the script is in jibberish crazy, made-up talk. For instance, what is a jabberwocky? Anyways, with the insanity talk of the same-named Hatter or the doped out Cheshire Cat, it is a good thing I know the story so well :)

Do I recommend spending almost twice as much to see this film? Probably not, but did I love seeing such a close rendition of the classic done as an adult? Absolutely. Although I did not like Alice, the rest of the characters helped carry the film. I loved how clever the costumes and scenery were. I loved every time that Alice had to eat or drink something because I couldn't wait to see what her clothes would be. I loved everything that Helen Bonham Carter did, she played a perfect Red Queen. I loved the Red army and their armery. I loved Johnny Depp's version of the Mad Hatter. Wow. Except for the strange dance scene at the end. We could have done without him doing that.

Now, I suppose I missed a lot not watching this in English, but overall, I would see it again. I started as an Alice in Wonderland fan, and they did not lose me.

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