Monday, August 18, 2014

Ubers NYC

So, to say that this job is a time-killer is no joke. I work around the clock, majority of my weekends and all I have to show for it, at the moment, are 20 Mini Cooper Countryman wrapped as each team of Barclays Premier League.

This latest project has taken me through the normal C way - accept the impossible mission, quickly learn how to do the unknown, and make lots of friends along the way who are at least half as committed as you to seeing the project through.

I worked with a lot of great people on this, but it was a solo C project. The team was split on other client activity, so I ran with it. And, again, in true C fashion, it came down to the wire with several sleepless nights concerned about insurance and all the little details.

Today, the campaign wrapped and all those adorable Minis are getting out of the their team uniforms and returning to their normal life.

That's a wrap 

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