Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fall Trip BOOKED!!

Yahoo! Never have I been so excited about a trip!

Barcelona travel poster - haha a smug matador!
Ok, that is a lie. My first trip abroad I was probably more excited. And my first study abroad, more excited. Our first move abroad. Our second move abroad. Everything in between. Ok ok ok... however, I just SO need some time away and am really looking forward to a trip back "home" to Spain and Switzerland.
Madrid Map, Spain, illustrated map, travel guide madrid, tour guide spain
We will go to Barcelona first for the wedding of a good friend and then hit up Madrid to see the family and new additions!! From there, we head back to the gorgeous land of Switzerland for some long overdue catch up with all our Swiss friends!

new Swiss national motto.  swiss chocolate is the way to go :)

Nicholas and I both have not been to Barcelona in something like 10+ years ago, so we are excited to rediscover the beautiful beach town and see so many friends and family.

Always great to have something to look forward to!

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