Thursday, June 5, 2014


Where do I even begin?

This new life is too much. I want to write about all the interesting things that I am doing, but it turns out that I am doing too many of those things to make time to write. #goodproblem #wouldrathersleep ;)

Long story long, I have been doing more work travel - Chicago, Chicago, Concord/Charlotte, North Carolina for NBC, NBC, and History Channel.

Nicholas is back for good and I cannot remember being this happy. He is on a sabbatical. He cooks, cleans, grocery shops and is an all around amazing SAH husband :) Role reversal and I am loving it!

I missed a great visit from one of my favorite people, Corinne, as I was pulled to Chicago for one of my projects but I did get a great visit in with my family and favorite niece and nephew. Then I had a last minute visit from my bestie Megan this past weekend. Friday, we head to the Poconos to see our friends and have a weekend away, fingers crossed.

Hope to write and share more. Until, follow me on insta @nicki_s_chacon.

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