Sunday, January 26, 2014


I fly quite frequently. Nowadays, (as in this month) it is becoming more about domestic travel, but all the same. I board lots of planes and take flight.

Every time I fly, I take a moment before we take off to think of the extraordinary feat that is about to take place. As soon as the plane starts racing down the runway and the front wheels lift and the plane arches into the sky, I always think, "will it really work, again?" And sure enough, it does!

The last three flights I took, each time, when the plane was racing down the runway, my seatmates crossed themselves. (Do other religions do the sign of the cross?) I do not cross myself on the plane. I am not afraid to fly. I do not fear crashing. The simple fact of gravity allows me to accept logic. Instead, I am impressed with each and every time the plane lifts off and every. single. time. that the plane gets me to my exact destination. Really makes me ponder human ingenuity, innovation and spirit.

If you haven't seen this, do.

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