Saturday, November 16, 2013

How do you thank the people in your life

who have done so much for you?

I have been so insanely blessed with so many wonderful people in my life and this past year is a testament to those friendships by the opening of their homes to me. I have literally spent more time in the homes of my friends and family than I have in my own.

It started in Washington, DC, where I was welcomed with open arms at the home of Shippy.

From there, I lived in the Real World Inauguration Style home- with my dream team on the Hill.

I moved on to Costa Rica with Ashley's brother and sister-in-law and then to CA for 3 glorious weeks in sunny SD with Lu and her hubs, before I spent a beautiful night with Corinne and her family in the LA area.

Finally landed back "home" in Seoul before I went to China to visit some of my really wonderful girls from IMD. Again, having another home open up to me.

The summer brought me to NYC where Miriam, Vivake, Hari, Marianne and Scott opened their apartments and homes. I guess it takes a village with me... :)

This fall, it's been Stacey in Chicago.

I ask WAY too much of my friends. I like to think Nicholas and I have a similar open door policy for anyone that actually wanders their way to our home. We make sure to keep things hospitable and have not been without a visitor in a long time. Even when we are not there, we make sure that our door remains open.
I kid, I kid. Although, from practice, I know it helps :) 
I believe in karma and hope that all of my stays have not made me an undesirable houseguest, but rather ensured that Nicholas and I never have an empty home :)

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