Friday, November 22, 2013

And I would walk 5,000 miles...

Nicholas and I seem to be on a mission to walk everywhere we go in Manhattan. I am obsessed with walking the city- you see so much more than taking the subway or cab. So many little shops, restaurants, bars that you would otherwise miss jump out at you.

Last weekend, we walked for hours and hours both days. Each evening, we were exhausted. To the point where I had to lie to my feet on how much further. "Only 10 more blocks guys, you can do it!" To which Nicholas would remind them and me, "No, no. It's closer to 15. Maybe 18..."

Especially when it is a gorgeous day, I refuse to sit in traffic or go underground. We zigzagged around the city, walked it up and down and only stopped when we found the shop we were looking for or took a break for a meal.

I've rested my feet up for another weekend of walking excursions starting tomorrow!

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