Monday, September 30, 2013

Call me "Waffle"

If you know Nicholas, you know he has a bit of an accent. For as long as Siri has been out, it is one of the most hilarious things to hear Nicholas communicate with "her." As a true techie, he embraces the new gadget, app, innovation, whatever. He is an early adapter, where I am one who will wait until all kinks have been worked out, every single person I know already uses it and I am just about the last person left to jump on board.

So, back to Siri. I still do not use this function on the iPhone. I find it obnoxious and more of a waste of time than a timesaver. Even in a clear English accent, I have seen the mistakes that occur. Add in a thick Colombian accent, and what ensues is hilarity. If it were me with the accent, I would be frustrated, annoyed and never use it again. Not Nico. He perseveres. I often hear him tell Siri to schedule a meeting for the next day with so-and-so. Siri writes back that she will buy him tickets to see a show, or some other out-of-left-field-response. They (mis)communicate back and forth until he finally gets the appointment on his calendar. I would rather just type it in myself and save the 3 minutes and frustration.

A while back, I told him to have Siri call him "Handsome." She did and stored his info that way in his phone. It was funny. He only changed it when he realized that emails that were coming from him, but "written" by Siri, were being sent from "Handsome." He was again referred to as Nicholas by his "assistant".

The other day, I asked him to change it back to handsome, but this time in Spanish. So, he told Siri, "Siri, from now on please call me 'Guapo'." Here is Siri's response:

Bahahahahahaha :)

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