Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dinner with a new friend

Last night, I met up with a new friend from my class to have dinner in our neighborhood. I planned to have a drink and a meal and be home at a reasonable time, but the two of us got talking and we spent 5 hours chatting and laughing! Her fiance had to work late, and as she knows Nicholas is never home, she figured the two of us could spend some time out together. What a blast!
We went to Karisma Cantina had delicious Mexican food and stuck to coronas. At the end of the night, our waiter brought over two shots of really smooth tequila on the house. It was quite good but definitely not needed after all the drinking we did. This morning was a tad rough, as I haven't been out that late on a school night in quite some time. Definitely a sign I am getting older... sigh ;)

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