Friday, November 16, 2012

cuatro estaciones

Here in the D.F., the people say that every day contains the four seasons and it is no joke.
Las cuatro estaciones, de Johannes Itten

The morning is super cold: brrrr, welcome, winter.

The late morning to noonish: ahh, pleasant. (for 15 minutes) hello, spring!

The afternoon: blazing heat. Oh, you're here again, summer...

The evening: brisk chill (nice for about 5 minutes before it gets too cold) hi, fall.

I suffer everyday, because no matter what I wear, I am either cold or hot to the extreme. There are about 20 minutes of pure bliss. I do dress as an onion, as they say here, but my layers are never sufficient enough or are too much! With less than a month to go, I am hoping by the time I leave, I will have gotten down how to dress appropriately here :)

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