Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back and lovin' it!

I have been gone exactly a month and Korea is as great as I remember! After traveling to the US to do some work and then to Brazil to attend one of the most beautiful weddings I have been to, it is wonderful to be back home.

I wasn't so sure about how I would feel once I got back, truth be told. I thought that maybe after being gone I would have gotten over my love affair with the Koreans and Seoul, and would find myself in a funk. Au contraire!

Upon arrival to Incheon yesterday afternoon, I immediately felt at home. The airport was gleaming in the afternoon sun. Everything was immaculately clean. All the efficiencies I loved, were still in place. My plane touched down at 3pm, almost on the dot. By the time I got through immigration, baggage claim, customs, bought my ticket and boarded my bus home less than 40 minutes had past! Love it!

Once home, the only bug was that I could not remember the code to get in my building. Of course, one of the maintenance men saw me and let me in and in no time I was unpacking and organizing for the week.

My only other concern from being gone was that all the effort I had put into studying Korean would be lost. I am happy to report that, although I need to put in some hours reviewing vocabulary, my first class back was a success! It is only 2:30pm here, but I have already had Korean twice today; for breakfast and lunch!! Took me 24 hours, but I finally had some kimchi :)

Life is good!

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