Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mom and Dad do Convention

Cool Party Dad got us in thanks to Don's nephew
CNN Diner Lunch thanks to David! 
Mom & Dad in fancy lounge with front row seats having a beer 
On the Floor with the Delegates, These two are Super VIP! 
Near press stage on Floor of Convention 
Mom and Dad came to Charlotte to see me while I worked the Convention, again. I was so happy to be able to show them what I was doing. Although they were only there for 24 hours, they sure made the most of it! The first night, they did the Podium Preview at the Hall with all the VIPS. This is where they were able to get on the floor and then to the Podium to have their pictures taken. That night, Dad got us into a cool party at the NC Music Factory thanks to Don! It was a blast and so great to be able to finally relax a bit and have a drink after so many intense days of work. 

The next day, they were up and out early to a campaign briefing, lunch at the CNN Diner- thanks to David, and then to the Convention Hall for the opening night. They had special passes to go to a VIP lounge, got front row seats and had a beverage while listening to the speakers. Before they left, they received the coveted floor passes and were able to walk anywhere they pleased. Before I knew it, they were off again! 

I think I know where I get the stamina to do the whirlwind tours that I do, I learned from the pros :) 

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