Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fish Market Dinner

Friday night we went to dinner with a large group of people from Nicholas' work. The guy who interviewed Nicholas arranged the whole evening from finding the right person to buy the fish at the right prices, organizing the journey to the market and then explaining each course. 
We started the evening walking through the market before we went to the restaurant and were seated for the first of many, many, many courses of raw and cooked seafood. 
Live Octopus- tentacles still moving
cooked and raw abalone
Octopus heads, YUM! 
sea squirt and sea cucumber

We ate sashimi, live octopus, raw abalone, raw sea squirt and sea cucumber, cooked octopus head, grilled shrimp with the shells, along with many sides of kimchi and a final hot soup where all the uneaten seafood was tossed in to be consumed. The strangest thing to put in my mouth was the live octopus. I couldn't believe I was able to eat it, but it really didn't have much flavor and in the end was on the high end of the items I tried. My favorite was the octopus head; the ink is located here and it is really flavorful and for me the texture was the most normal :) The worst was a three way tie between the raw abalone, the raw sea squirt and raw sea cucumber. We drank many bottles of beer and soju and had an experience we will never forget! Not sure if we will be having many of these things again or often, but such a cool experience to try them!

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