Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter in Seoul

Nicholas and I are truly blessed to have a wonderful group of friends in Seoul who feel like family and shared our holiday together.

Easter Eve, we had a wonderful dinner with our sweet friend, Sojean and ended the night at Mug for Rabbit for some warm drinks. I thought it a fitting way to lead into Easter :)
We started Easter morning with a brunch at our neighbor's apartment. There are over 10 families in our building in Nicholas' group, so it was a way for all of us newbies to meet the old-timers. Our neighbors put on a beautiful spread and had decorated there home- it was just lovely!

From there, we had to rush to our Easter lunch with a favorite couple of ours, David and Aksana. They are truly like our family and we were happy to share the afternoon with them. David, an Italian, invited us to come to the Italian Club for Easter lunch. Each Sunday, the club holds an Italian lunch feast in the basement of a school next to the Italian church, close to the UN Village. The lunch is prepared by Italian priests and the cost is super affordable. You get an enormous meal and meet many people from around the world and the neighborhood. It is my new favorite thing to do :) It makes me feel like the world is a really small and cozy place and that good people and food are never far away.
From there, we grabbed a few more things for our apartment, then met another group of friends to see The Hunger Games. We both read all three books and have been waiting to see it! To end the evening we had a dinner of mandu and beer. To say it was a bit of an unconventional day is probably true, but that we were with friends and those who feel like family sharing meals and wonderful moments made it feel right on :)

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