Monday, January 16, 2012

Madrileños en la casa

This weekend, we had two of our favorite Madrileños visiting us. Fernando has always had an open invitation to come to Switzerland to visit, ski and allow us to payback a bit of his hospitality that he always showed us whenever we have been in Spain. Now that we are mere weeks from leaving, he finally has taken us up on our offer and brought his better half, Marga :) 

We had such a fun weekend. Friday night we gave them a walking tour of our side of Geneva and took them to one of our favorite restaurants in the old town. Saturday, we got up early and drove to Italy to hit the slopes. To see Fernando on the funicular up the mountain was priceless. Peering out the front, salivating at the slopes as they appeared. Never have I seen someone so happy to be in the mountains. Of course, no Swiss winter weekend would be complete without a fondue dinner. We took them to a well-kept secret Geneva fondue spot. You have to walk down a long pier in the lake to get to the hidden restaurant and reservations must be made well in advance. It was really cool to bring them there. 

hot cocoa ski break :) 

Sunday, the three of them went to France to ski while I stayed back. I had a nasty tumble the day before and figured it would be best if I make it to the end of the month in one piece before we start our travels :) I am happy to take a day to relax and get things organized for one of our last weeks here. 
Looks like the fondue was a hit :) 

Pretty sure they will be our last visitors to Switzerland, and I have to say, we have had quite a good showing! Thanks to everyone who has come for a visit, whether for an afternoon while passing through or for a week+. You have helped make this country feel a little more like our home :) Especially:  David N, Mom and Dad, MelRoc, Stacey MH, Mom and FGM, Betty, Cheryl, Tia Marta y Lala, Shippy, Kendra, Daniella, Johnny Z and Pete D, Camila, and Fernando y Marga! 

Who did I forget? 

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