Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

To say 2011 was a rollercoaster is an understatement. We started the year in Washington, DC, where Nicholas applied for jobs all over the world. In February, Nicholas traveled throughout Europe and then Brazil for interviews and I went to Cleveland and Chicago to spend time with family. When Nicholas came back with an offer from Switzerland, we did one trip to Chicago to celebrate the birth of our nephew and then started packing for our next move.

April brought more changes. My mother-in-law moved back to Colombia, my parents came to help us with the final details of our move to Lausanne and we boarded the plane at the end of our month to our new home. May was filled with reunions of old friends, a visit from my Theta Little and many job applications for me. June, I flew back to the US to visit friends and family and to attend one of my best friends' wedding and then we spent a weekend hiking throughout Switzerland, France and Italy with the Forum. July, we had family from Colombia visit, as well as Shippy! August, Kendra came and I started my volunteer position with the WHO.

September, I continued applying to jobs and faced many more letters and responses informing me I wasn't quite what they were looking for...We went to Paris and Nicholas' sister visited us! October, we took a trip to the Middle East, I started interviewing women for my project, and we attended the wedding of Nicholas' cousin in Madrid. November, we moved to Geneva, Camila visited from London, Nicholas had business in Singapore and we celebrated Thanksgiving with Ashley and Mike. December, I traveled to Amsterdam, Brussels and London.

There were high moments and exciting ones, as well as moments that were a bit lower. We received some exciting news in November and only recently started sharing beyond our immediate family. We know that the New Year is going to bring continued change and excitement and opportunity for our family and we could not be more open and happy.

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