Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paris. Part I Daniella's visit

A couple of weeks ago, Nicholas and I rented a car and drove after work on a Friday to Paris to see his little sister, Daniella. We ended up hitting Paris traffic, so we arrived in Paris quite late. After checking into our hotel and grabbing a light meal at a cafe near the Madeleine, we called it a night and got up early the next day to meet up with Daniella and her friend.

Both Daniella and Diego had completed the same medical program in Colombia. They are clearly good friends and it was a comfort knowing she was traveling around Paris with a big, teddy-bear type. After sharing croissants and coffee we separated for the afternoon. Daniella and Diego off to see more sites in Paris and Nicholas and I off to meet some of his old classmates for a lunch. It was great to see everyone, especially my Akane!!

After lunch, we went window shopping and then for a long walk enjoying Paris in the fall. Finally, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner with the soon-to-be doctors :) Diego had invited us to a beautiful restaurant that his family owned and had told us that we were their guests that night. Awesome! While getting ready, the fire alarm in our hotel went off. Hair soaking wet from my shower and random clothes thrown on, we went downstairs to see what was happening. We were told someone smelled smoke (probably someone smoking) and the fire dept was coming... great. We were about to be late meeting D&D and we were not even close to being ready. We decided it was best to just leave than wait around and waste time. All seemed fine at the hotel, but we didn't want to go back upstairs in the off-chance there really was a fire.

So off to a beautiful dinner in Paris with wet hair and old clothes. We were a sight for sore eyes... D&D showed up in a dress and a suit... we were clearly under-dressed. Once we got to the restaurant I nervously looked over the menu, realizing that it was a good thing we were the guests that night, otherwise there was going to be a lot of ramen in our future :)

The meal and evening couldn't have been nicer. The food was delicious and it was fun spending an evening out in Paris with Daniella and Diego. We ended the evening quite late and told her that we were going to pick her up at 8am sharp so we could head out early to see two sites on our way back to Switzerland, with a stop in Burgundy for dinner at one of our favorite cafes. After taking a midnight stroll with Nicholas to see the city lit, we called it a night...

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