Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lying awake

Wrote this last night in bed:

Tomorrow I start meeting the women for my project. I am so excited that I am just lying awake. Will they have interesting stories? Will they be comfortable with me and open up? Will I be able to make something of all of this? Those are the three questions that keep running through my head. 

My notebooks are out. My pens are ready. Phone/recorder charged. Just need to sleep. 

I read somewhere that all projects are fun at the beginning. There is excitement at the potential and unknowns. But it takes hard work to follow through. Successful people know when to follow through and also when to let go. 

However this turns out, I am happy I gave myself the chance to do it.

Fast-forward, I have completed my first interview and am about to run out the door for my second! 

The first interview could not have gone better! Mags is a charming Scottish woman with fiery red hair and a wonderful personality to match! I came home so charged that I knocked out my first draft on her interview. Out the door for round 2! 

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  1. Best of luck, I am looking forward to seeing your progress.