Monday, November 15, 2010

Russian Party-На здоровье!

A week ago, Nicholas and I headed to the IMD restaurant for the Russian Party. The night started with a shot of very smooth vodka, chased by a pickle and a badge. The Russians had a couple of performers, one with an accordion, who sang and got the party started, while some of the guys gave a presentation.

The best part of the badge is that the address is 32 not 23... 

While the vodka kept flowing, heavily, the organizers past around a plate of frozen.... something. When it finally got to me, I thought how it looked identical to an extremely fatty piece of thick bacon. Frozen. "Eat up!" they shouted. In Japan, Akane told me they eat raisin butter with Sake. In Colombia, they take a spoonful of olive oil before drinking. Apparently, in Russia, they just eat a big, fat, slab of lard to slow down the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream.

The fat 
In the spirit of immersing myself into their culture for one night, I indulged in a piece. The idea is to put it all in your mouth, chew and swallow. I, of course, tasted first. Bad idea. It was like eating a frozen, chewy piece of salt. UGH. I hate salt!! I was reminded that, while only drinking vodka, it was important to have something lining my stomach. I downed half a piece and decided I would moderate my vodka intake if it meant no more salty fat.

the performers
The night progressed along, with more music, Russian dance, interesting foods and great company. Since Nicholas had a lot of work to do the next day, we left around 11pm. Despite how much vodka we consumed, seems like the bacon and early exit worked well for a productive Sunday without a hangover. That much cannot be said for everyone ;)

Fun Fact: Did you know that voda means water in Russian?

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