Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Low-End Wine Degustation

Our BBQ and my homemade sign welcoming everyone to the fete des voisins 

Last week, Yann and I opened our terrace to some of the partners and held our own wine tasting evening. We chose to have it on May 25, because here in Switzerland, it is the day of neighbors- a day where you are encouraged to have parties, dinners, drinks, etc. We encouraged everyone to bring an inexpensive bottle of wine, either from their country or region, if they could find it, or a favorite they discovered here.
The wine and food before the guests arrived... with more wine and food :) 

My favorite wine that we tasted was the Portuguese "green" wine. Yum! It is really light and is slightly sparkling. It is a perfect spring/summer drink. We also had a fruity and fresh Zinfandel/Rose from California and a really decent Swiss wine, along with a crowd-pleasing Prosecco and a Spanish Red. All in all, the degustation was a mini-success and we look forward to hosting more in the future.

View from the terrace of the lake and mountains. 

If you look closely, there are palm trees in front of our house! 
Nothing like living in the Swiss Riviera. 

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