Friday, June 11, 2010

Coupe du Monde

Today the World Cup started and we have a front row seat to the action. In front of our apartment is a large screen airing the games. Tonight, I went to watch the end of the Mexico vs. South Africa game (tied 1-1) and then to see France vs. Uruguay (tied 0-0). There is something special about being in Europe and experiencing this.

 Mexico vs S Africa
To quote from good ole' Mike in Zurich, slightly edited ;) "Never thought the day would come when I would be in Europe during the World Cup. A land where they revere the sport as it should be. Around every corner, huge projection screens line streets to broadcast matches live for people to watch. Country flags hang proudly from every balcony. With all of that said, I'll always be cheering for the red, white, and blue to kick butt. Let the celebration begins!" Couldn't have said it better myself.

 Nicholas and I have our US flag ready to hang for tomorrow evening's game. GO USA!

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