Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week in Recap: The Week of 1,000+ Photos a.k.a. Mom and Dad's Visit

My parents arrived a week ago to visit and for dad to attend a conference. We had 6 full days to make the most out of and we sure did, even with the rainy weather. In the words of Andrew Carnegie- as I learned this week- Rainy weather, “THAT’S GREAT!” Insert anything not-so-positive and end with saying, that’s great! The week started briefly in Zurich, had two days in Geneva, one day in Evian, two days in Lausanne, then a full day back in Zurich.

Mom cheering to the start of a great week! 

We saw the great things Geneva had to offer: Botanical Gardens, UN, Saint Pierre Cathedral, Beaches, Old Town, our family friends and their beautiful home and garden. We ate the fameux Lake Geneva Perch and tasted some local wines (Chasselas was a Mom favorite). We did most of this walking, and walking we did. Mom is in some contest at work and she is wearing a pedometer. "Oh, we walked 19,000 steps today. Nice!" (that is almost 10 miles…insert exhaustion)

Geneva Botanical Gardens also known as Mom's Paradise

Swiss-style Beach

Mom and me on top of S.Pierre Cathedral with Famous Jet D'eau in Background

Friday, Mom and I had the chance to go to France to visit the city of Evian (where the water is bottled) where we spent a few hours at the thermal spaahhhh:)! and then walked through the city, picked up some muguets for our French friends back in Switzerland and headed home for dinner with the boys and drinks. We ended the night at IMD’s Queen’s Day Party where we found Nicholas with orange hair!

Rainy day boat ride to Evian

Rainy days make perfect days for the spa! 

Don't you agree, mom? 

Nicholas and George relaxing after an intense, no-sleep week

Nicholas and my parents at the Party

Saturday and Sunday were spent in rainy and cold Lausanne. We visited the Collection L'art Brut and then ate fondue and ended the night at the White Horse, obviously. Sunday was spent preparing a bit for Yann's surprise birthday picnic.

Yann's Surprise Indoor Birthday Picnic

 Mom and Dad at the infamous White Horse

Monday we left early for Zurich and had a nice day walking throughout the city, visiting the old town, taking the different cable cars up to get views of the city, going to the Dolder Grand for a cocktail, having the obligatory sausage, pretzel and schnitzel and visiting with A&M :)

Landesmuseum, closed on Monday. Fail. 

 Cocktails at the Dolder Grand Bar

The visit was way too short and I am hoping there is a return in the very near future. There is so much to show you two! Thanks for coming and for such an amazing week!

love you, snicks

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