Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seriously, what have I been up to?!

Admittedly, this summer I failed at keeping up this blog. What could I possibly have been doing to keep me away from writing... to name a few things: our continuous stream of visitors, intensive Korean classes, my UPenn health policy remote class, getting out a bit, traveling around Korea, and maintaining some sort of house, etc. I have just not had the time to dedicate to this.

So many stories coming from the summer:

B&L Visit
4D Theaters
Korean Bathhouses
RM Visit
Kye Family Korea Tour
Trip to a little Island with David and A
Online classes

And... in just two weeks, I will be heading back to the mother land :) I am so excited to go back and join my old team, 4 years later, and get back into the work I love! From there, it is off to Brazil for a good friend's wedding then back to Korea.

Get your bags packed, this is going to be quite a ride!

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