Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nicholas' Day

Yesterday, we had a great day celebrating Nicholas! As it was a national holiday, I didn't have Korean class and he didn't have work, so it was bound to be a great day! It started with a wakeup call from a friend in the States and continued with a great breakfast, relaxed morning and an afternoon of indoor screen golf. We realized that every year that we are here, Nicholas will never have to work on his birthday. How cool is that?! 
Indoor golf with some brews to celebrate :) 
We then met up with a group of our friends for dinner at a Brazilian steak house,
Boys will be boys, at all ages :) 
 finished off with cake and tea at a garden cafe where we laughed and talked until too late. 
All in all, it was a success! To this next year and beyond, may you be blessed with good friends, work that challenges you and life that inspires you. XO 

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