Thursday, March 22, 2012

We found an apartment!

We move in a week! Although it has definitely been a fun change to live in a hotel for the past few weeks- a fairy comes in when we are away and does our dishes and makes our bed! -this part will be missed, but living in a hotel is a bit too sterile for us.

I am looking forward to making our apartment our home for the next couple of years. Pictures to come when we make the official move. We cannot wait to host our family and friends in our new home. First visitor is the fairy godmother, Aunt Laura!

I googled the building and this is the image it came up with:

I honestly cannot tell you if this is what the building looks like. There are so many buildings in this city and after a while, I cannot keep them straight. I am really excited. The part of town is called Samseong and it is next to the World Trade Center, a large mall, movie theater, casino, and aquarium amongst many many more things. Just my style, in the center of it all! 

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  1. HOOORAYYY!!CONGRATS!! Cannot wait to see it in person :) Thrilled for you two!!