Tuesday, December 13, 2011


In one of the many beautiful parks
"Birth of a Nation" statue
The languages of the EU
"Europe" statue
Interesting clock 
Square in Brussels

We saw good friends a few weekends ago in Brussels. Saturday night, after a long day of touring the city on foot in the bitter cold, we had dinner at Chez Leon, the famous place in Brussels to eat mussels and frites. We met up with two couples from IMD who each have two children. It was a loud and fun evening. After our delicious meal, we decided to walk through the city center to have a waffle for dessert. We crammed in all the Belgian food in one meal :) We found out that Hanjun and his family will be moving back to Korea which we were thrilled to find out.

IMD Reunion :) 

Sunday, we saw some more sites then we had drinks with another good friend of Nicholas' and his wife before we flew back to Geneva. Nicholas and Virgilio met in Rio almost 10 years ago. It was great to meet him and hear some of their stories.  It was a wonderful weekend in a very cold Brussels!
In front of the Atomium 
Nicholas and Virgilio 

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