Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in Z

Tree in Zurich City Center (Filled with Carolers!) 

This past weekend we celebrated one of my favorite US holidays in Zurich with Ashley, Mike and 20+ of their best friends. Although cleaning the apartment and cooking two birds, 5 sides and 3 pies for a large crowd is crazy stressful, it was a success! I could not believe how much food we had leftover! We could have gotten away with one bird, the basic sides of mashed potatoes and stuffing and 2 pies. Even then, there would have still been massive leftovers!

The scene was set perfectly: 
Football and beers/wine pre-dinner- Check! 
The Yule Log playing as soon as the game ended- Check! 

Then, Ashley said grace and gave thanks before the meal and I think everyone got a fairly good impression of a US Thanksgiving.

One guest, in particular, celebrating his first Thanksgiving, OD'ed on turkey. I have never seen one person eat so much of the bird. He didn't realize there was more of the meal coming and the look he gave when we told him that the pumpkin and apple pie were being served next was priceless. The rest of the night, he along with several other guests were in a food coma. Ah, just as it should be :) 

Of course, a Thanksgiving celebration is never complete without a little celebration of Mike. As his birthday is always just right around the corner from T-day, we made sure he was not forgotten. Ashley passed out sparklers and then we brought out a cake to a room singing Happy Birthday!

I still cannot believe Ashley put on her 3rd Thanksgiving here, especially one week before her and Mike are moving up to Basel. They will probably forget how unprepared they are for their move in a few months, but they will never forget their Thanksgiving feast. I know those 20-odd guests, won't! 

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