Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy Busy

Things have been extremely busy over here on Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers. With unpacking and settling into the new apartment, Nicholas traveling to Singapore for work, having visitors and working on a project for my dad- there is not a dull moment, or much time for me to blog :(

While trying to finish this project for dad, I decided to take a 20 minute break to give my head a rest from translating. My break consisted of cleaning up the dishes and organizing the kitchen, as that was where I was working. I noticed that I never took the clothes out of the washing machine from yesterday when I arrived home from yoga, so I decided that I should hang them to dry, as well.

**Small fact you must know before I continue- our adorable, European washing machine doesn't always complete a cycle... sometimes it decides to finish right before draining the water and doing the final spin. Lucky me. I discovered this once before and have been good about checking to see where the cycle is and whether or not there is excess water hanging out in the machine.**

This morning, it slipped my mind to check. I was focused on getting as much done as possible before I got back to work... Rushing is never a good thing. When I opened the washer door, water gushed out all over our kitchen and I was standing in two inches of day old water... ewwwww...

Funny thing is, this morning I had looked at the kitchen floor and thought that it needed to be washed. Lets just say the floor is now sparkling :)

And, my 20 min break turned into an hour and 20 min break... Back to work and more to come soon!

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