Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day

On my first day at the WHO my boss gave me a beautiful rose plant for my office. It was a really nice gesture until she gave me a fateful warning: "Don't kill it, ok?"

Eeek!!! I cringed inside but gave her a confident smile and said: "Never!"

Like I need more pressure on my first day. I want to do a good job and now I have to try and keep a plant alive! I am notorious for my ability to kill greenery and for not having a green thumb. Oh boy...

Fast forward to Day Two...

Dying plant... 
My boss walks in and says: "Oh no! You killed it!"

To which I quickly reply, "No, no... I think it just needs water and grooming... I am right on top of it!"

Of course I had not watered it in the past day. Or thought about it. At all. Ugh.

She then tells me that it is fine, it is dead and to just keep the vase since it is nice.

Luckily, my boss and I have a great relationship and I know I will learn a lot from her. Otherwise, I would have considered the gift a cruel trick to play on the new guy.

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