Thursday, December 9, 2010


The school year is over and we are almost all packed up. Just a few days left before we cross the ocean again to spend the holidays with family and friends! Bittersweet emotions now saying goodbye to new friends who feel like old ones and the excitement at being back in the US of A to spend the best time of year :)
how we will look in just a few days- photo from Carol at the airport en route to Brazil ! 
The last minute juggle of how to make it all fit, a last minute trek to Zurich to see AP, a potential last ski in the Alps and a big celebration Monday for Nicholas and I before we head back exactly one year to the date that we left Miami. 

Wow. Not many more words can express all that I am feeling. So, although there is so much to write about: the amazing graduation ball, the parties, the time with Nicholas!!!! and having our final visitor (Betty :), I just do not have the time or energy.

Although, reflecting on the year and all that I have gained and learned and grown, I thought of a song that I have always loved and the play that it belongs to. How do you measure a year? Until soon... mwah!

PS and I thought last year was intense- wait for this year in review!

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